These days it is easy to fall into the latest trend trap and be stuck with an item you’re now dreading to wear twice. As your personal shopper, trips to the store (or online) are intentional and focused. Good bye buyer’s remorse! Hello happy closet and wallet!


Have a job interview? Planning a beach vacation? Going to a wedding? And you don’t know where to start or have little time to devote to shopping and want to look polished. I am here for you! The requirements for this service is the flexibility to commit to a minimum of two shopping trips, and to receive plenty of email communications.  

Are you a soon-to-be Bride or Groom looking to take the breath away of your husband/wife? Let's assure your vision is executed and more by finding the perfect ensemble for your special day! Working with me will give you peace of mind in the wardrobe department, as you plan one of the most delicate and joyful events of your life. 

* Clients who are interested in securing this consulting service are advised to secure a one-hour consultation session at least six months prior to their wedding date. 


Fall is coming, and you are rushing through your busy, active, goal-oriented life with a desire to sprinkle some autumn spice to your summer wardrobe. Adding a few staples to your closet can give the appearance of a brand new closet without breaking the bank.

And if perhaps you are ready for a total seasonal re-invention, with this service you’ll kick-off the season in style and feel in vogue every time you step out of the house. 

To book your first consultation appointment or for general inquiries, please fill out the form below. We cannot wait to hear about your stylish ambitions!

Gift certificates are also available upon request. 

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Through our work together, Olivia has taught me how to dress for my body type, how and where to shop for silhouettes and colors that are both a little bit outside of my comfort zone and exactly my style. She is so passionate and knowledgeable about fashion that she’s even helped me - a self-proclaimed plain jane - shine with unique style that authentically expresses who I am!
— Carole Ann, Life Purpose Coach