Experiencing PVD Fest 2017 in Style

Last Saturday, I had the amazing opportunity to share my experience of the PVD Festival on The Dean Hotel's Instagram, along with talented creatives. 

The photos (below) were taken by my best friend and photographer Brittanny Taylor, in The Dean Hotel's lot, where locals and visitors got to enjoy sounds of music, art installations by Kelly C. Knapp, pop-up shops by local sellers and designers such as Wanderluxe, and most importantly food + drinks stations! 

To celebrate the festivities, I wore this gorgeous kimono from The Vault Collective RI, over a pair of white jeans from Calico and a black bodysuit, with earrings from Queen of Hearts & Modern Love

I wanted my look to feel vibrant and cool without losing the comfort factor and this look did that and so much more. It added sweet movement to my very tight/skinny jeans, and not only did I end up walking a lot that day, I also danced all night long. 

Our City of Providence is such a gem! It was a true privilege to take part in the experience through the Dean Hotel's platform. Without wanting to rush time or anything, I am really looking forward to PVD Fest 2018 and to meeting old and new friends, neighbors and strangers who all make this gigantic event extra special. 

You may check out the PVD Fest FB page here to view more photos by Brittanny Taylor. 

Spring & Closet Transition

It's not warm yet in New England (as I write this, it is currently about 67 degrees with a high wind warning), but nevertheless it's not too early to start dressing like it's spring in my book. Although I have not put away my winter wardrobe yet (secretly counting the days until I can officially do so), what I've done is getting my lighter, more colorful pieces out and mixing them with my wintery pieces.

And it is small changes like that that will do wonder for the mind and spirit! I like to think that my current wardrobe is in a transition period, and I want to feel joyful about it all the time. 

Turtlenecks are appropriate to transition with into spring and then fall, because they can be paired with pretty much everything - with jeans, trousers, skirts, under a dress, over a dress. I mean...endless possibilities. Of course not all turtlenecks are the same, so the pairing will depend on the turtleneck style. 

Both top and bottom are from Zara; the culottes were part of ZARA winter sale back in February. These sandals with turtoise heels are about 4 years old; there were part of a limited collection from H&M. They are my go-to tan sandals every year and I am hoping not to have to retire them soon because they have been there every step of the way (from blogging days to first-time mom to business launch). Not being melodramatic...at all (le sigh).

Speaking of motherhood, I was joined by a guest who forever has my heart. 

Signed ~ Olivia R

Photography: Brittanny Taylor

Client Spotlight

Hannah Tighe

What prompted the desire to secure a styling session? 

"It was a gift from my mother, which she gave to me as I start a new chapter in my life. She wanted me to start with a look that reflects the woman I am becoming and my newly found confidence. I was so excited to receive the gift! I had a good prior sense of what I like to wear and what looks good on body but I really needed help putting outfits together that will allow me to look like a put together, stylish young professional."

What does style mean in your every day life?

"I feel my style is how I represent myself and how I want to be remembered."

How is your style evolving as a college student?

"Prior to my session with Olivia, I could pull outfits together but I was never really concerned as to whether the colors fit the season or whether things fit the way they are supposed to. Within the past year or so, I have been working on being less concerned as to what everybody else is wearing and more focused on what will look good on my body. Olivia was really helpful in that respect as well as helping me piece together outfits that will work well together. I would say my style as a college student has started to focus more on looking and feeling put together and professional."

What do you love most about you and where you are in your life? 

"As a young woman you begin to appreciate your shape and size. I am learning to love myself the way I am and dress in a manor that reflects who I am physically and represents my personality. I am half way through college and about to make some major changes in my life ((I'll be moving to New York this fall to pursue my studies). Being able to carry myself confidently and fashionably into that change is what I hope to be able to do!"

Do you have a style icon? If yes, who and why?

"My style icons are Lauren Conrad and Blake Lively. They always look confident and comfortable. Their styles reflect their personalities and I admire that about them and am trying to become a similar type of person."

How do you feel about your new closet additions?

"I absolutely love my new pieces and can't wait to start incorporating them into my every day outfits. I have to say what I love most about them would be that I can mix and match to create several outfits. They also allow me to feel comfortable and very confident!"

Photography: Brittanny Taylor