Bloggers Collabo: Styling Holly Vine of Holly Likes to Cook

Back in June I had the opportunity to collaborate with Food + Lifestyle blogger, Holly Vine, for a Maternity style post over at Holly Likes to Cook.

Holly and I met at an event hosted by The PVD Lady Project last year and we've been friends since. So when she presented the idea of chatting maternity style on her blog back in the spring and incorporating a photo shoot with friend and photographer, Brittanny Taylor, of course I was going to say Yes. 

It was a lot of fun talking easy, breezy outfits for a summer pregnancy with her. I invite you to check out the blog post here, and if you enjoy making delicious dishes at home and doing chic DIY home projects, definitely subscribe to her newsletter. 

Or if, like me, you have the tendency to melt over adorable photos of babies, I not only invite you, but I urge you to follow her on Instagram. Holly and her husband welcomed two beautiful twin boys last month. Seriously - adorability galore!

Photography: Brittanny Taylor