Client Spotlight

Danielle Thompson

Real Estate Agent

What prompted the desire to secure service?

I had been introduced to you (Olivia) through the Lady Project and I was looking for updated professional pictures. I felt that I didn't want to spend all this money on photos and then not look the way that I would want to present myself. Shopping is also quite overwhelming to me when you need something specific. It was wonderful for someone to know what works for your body and to know the stores and know what to get what you need.

What does style mean in your every day life?

Style for me is an extension of your personality. Although I am not a super "trendy" person I like people to get to know me through what I am wearing. It sometimes means me in work out clothes because I love to be active OR my own version of business casual.

How has your style evolved?

Oh my goodness, we may not even have enough room on your blog for this question. I struggled with dressing for work/professionally for years because I hated business casual. I felt comfortable on both extreme spectrums of super casual and really dressy but not in the middle. I would buy the outfits because I thought that was what I was supposed to wear and I always felt uncomfortable and awkward. Now I have learned to wear what makes me feel comfortable and how to express myself. I have learned that I would rather buyer fewer things that have better quality, than many things that are less expensive.  I also learned that you can plan out your wardrobe and that there really are different clothes that look different on different body types. I think that this didn't seem to make sense to me for a long time. although it may seem obvious to others.

What do you love most about you, your career, and your life?

I love that I am  genuine and honest. Most people tell me that they appreciate that about me and I feel that I have this wonderful opportunity to connect with people on a deeper level. What I love most about my career is being able to help people everyday. I get to help educate and get to move people forward in their lives whatever that may look like. Maybe they are downsizing and need to sell their home because their kids left for college, maybe they are buying a home for the first time, maybe they are moving for a new job or a have a new baby.

It is a very personal thing that I get to be a part of. From the business aspect, every transaction is different and I get to problem solve every day and help people reach their goals. I love going down to DC to lobby for issues that may affect homeownership. In fact I am going to DC next week! It has taken me awhile but I finally love my hourglass shape. I remember my grandmother always telling me that when I get older I will love it. She was right!

Gosh, I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful people in personal and professional life. It makes you feel like you can do anything!

Do you have a style icon? If yes, who and why?

I would say right now Kate Middleton. I love her clean contemporary style. Very timeless. I like the timeless look.

Photography by Brittanny Taylor Photography