She So Stylish: Patsy Culp, Founder & Experience Designer of And Celebrate

A few weeks ago I wrote a mini-post, a.k.a long caption, on my Instagram feed to accompany a photo of friend and client, Patsy Culp, and it read...

"One of my favorite times to work with clients is when they're in the middle of a branding/re-branding phase. There is excitement;  positive emotions are running high {They have nailed down their color palettes for their website and marketing with the graphic designer...Everything is in motion etc}. Often all of that preliminary work leads clients to ask themselves an even greater, deeper question: "How does my personal style represent my business brand and new direction?" Which makes total sense, right! Because authenticity, alignment, and cohesiveness do matter across all the various parts of this phase. What's even more fun is clients generally have a pretty good idea of what they are leaving behind, and are fully ready to refine the role of best brand ambassador for their business. I mean...that is who they are at the end of the day. It is a transformative phase and I get to play a teeny tiny role in making sure that the vision materializes as a whole. Projects such as this one with friend + client Patsy Culp, and @brittanny made me feel excited about @andcelebrate's next chapter. This shot is one of my favorites from our photoshoot back in August. It conveys how I want to wake up and feel every morning, and every day...Laughing and celebrating like Ms. Patsy Culp."

And I meant every word, especially the last sentence!  This entrepreneur talks the talk and walks the walk. Her business And Celebrate helps entrepreneurs create meaning and impact through extraordinary event experiences. Patsy also encourages daily celebrations of family + friends, big milestones, as well as small accomplishments (such as devoting time for self-care/wellness or hobby)! And because i've known Patsy for a few years now, i can tell you that the latter is always the hardest thing to recognize and celebrate, because it forces me to be in the present, and not only to be okay with the Now, but celebrate what Now is currently offering.

I mean...What a gem of an entrepreneur, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with her on her personal style and be part of her re-branding process. 

And Celebrate's website re-launch will happen very soon...In the meantime, check out some of my favorite pictures from Patsy's photoshoot with photographer Brittanny Taylor.

Shopping for Style on Small Business Saturday - PVD Edition

We love to shop local here in Rhode Island. It's a movement that keeps on growing and I'm so down for it for all of the many benefits it brings to our little state's economy.  If like me, you're wondering what your PVD shopping route should look like, I compiled a list of glamorous shops and consignment stores you should certainly visit tomorrow. From vintage goodies to modern bohemian apparel to holiday-infused styles, you are bound to find something for you or someone you adore. GUARANTEED!

  • Shop Bananas: Quirky and playful clothing and accessories for the artsy/creative/adventurous fashionista. 
  • Clover Providence for their classic, and basic wardrobe must-haves such as denim, oxford, shirts and wool sweaters. Clover offers style in the most minimalistic form.
  • J. Marcel on Hope Street: You'll find winter coats, comfy knitwear, work-time and play-time apparel including cocktail dresses, pumps, boots, flats, and beautiful statement necklaces and clutches at reasonable prices.
  • MINT on Broadway: This shop rocks! You will be amazed by what you find every time. 
  • Shoppe Pioneer: 10% off the entire store and an additional 20% off sales. You are bound to score a few cozy, bohemian-inspired garments with New York City flair, Jackie O. style-like dresses, including good ol' fashionable denim.
  • Queen of Hearts & Modern Love : One of my fav spots on Westminster. You'll find Free People, Mink, Frye boots, Mary Jane pumps, and tons of unique jewelry and accessories to treasure for a very long time. 
  • The Arcade Mall
  • The Vault Collective: 50% off sales racks (You might come across vintage Givenchy or Oscar de la Renta or Dior wallet --- Don't play with the Collective. They mean serious vintage business!) 
  • Zuzu's RI for pretty and elegant party/cocktail designer dresses like Nicole Miller, BCBG. Stores located in Barrington, Providence, and East Greenwich.
  • Domain Ltd. Wholesale Fashion Jewelry, located in the Old Jewelry District for the latest accessory trends. 

The list might grow as more sweet deals pop up. Keep checking the post or follow on me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for live updates. 

Happy SBS Shopping! And if you happen to spot me, say hello!