Love & Style in Beautiful Cabo Verde {Voyage Recap in Photos}

When my family and I returned from Cabo Verde last January, I was determined to share some of the photos of our trip, and in fact, made my selections and was pretty fast with uploading them, but then the post sat in draft mode. A few days passed….then weeks…then months…and I began to think that it had been too long and that I may have missed my timing (timely posting is essential for a blogger).

A few days ago, as a new practice, I began to self-reflect on the wonderful things and experiences that happened to me, people that I met, and progress that was made over the course of the first quarter of 2015, and I couldn't help but think about my trip to Cape-Verde. 

There is something magical about returning to your homeland, and rekindling the love you hold so dear for your roots and culture. I wasn't born in Cape-Verde, therefore my only knowledge of Cape-Verde had been fed by pictures and stories of relatives, and most importantly Cape-Verde's beloved music and art. I was about a year and an half when my mother (photo below) traveled with me to the Island of Boa Vista.  To be able to take my two year-old son and share the experience with my own family was a dream come true. The trip provided me with a lot of clarity; re-affirmed that I am exactly where I need to be; and that life should not be rushed but savored. I gained a deeper love and appreciation for my story! 

One of my best friends recently left for Cape-Verde, and headed particularly to the Island of Sal, to write the next chapter of her life and live her dream. Sal, known as "the sunniest island", is absolutely gorgeous, and I cannot wait to see what enfolds for her.  

I am huge believer in perfect timing; publishing this post two months later was meant to be. These photos (of us on the Island of Sao Vicente) captured happy, joyful memories, and are wonderful reminders of what matters.

Cheers to a wonderful Spring season - may it be full of enchanting discoveries!